Liz Joy On The Economy

  • Supported the much-needed passage of the USMCA Trade Agreement. The USMCA directly propelling Upstate New York Farmers, small businesses, and manufacturers giving them a competitive edge across border markets. Upstate New York is comprised of many dairy farmers, and the USMCA expands their opportunities and creates a more level playing field.
  • Supports the safe reopening of NY’s Businesses to allow our small businesses including our hospitality, restaurants, theaters, and gyms to be able to provide for their families and livelihoods.
  • Supports lowering federal taxes in conjunction with federal spending cuts across the board given our current $27 Trillion Dollar Federal Debt protecting the next generation from bearing the burden of our debt.
  • Would support increased funding and stimulus for COVID-19 to our residents’ municipalities, first responders, and five area hospitals, but rejects Democrat led “Heroes Act,” a 3 Trillion Dollar Bill including National Bail Reform releasing violent offenders over age 50, takeover of our elections by increased mail in voting, and full funding of sanctuary cities.

Paul Tonko OnThe Economy

  • Voted No on overwhelmingly Bi-Partisan USMCA, which expands our Upstate New York Markets and American-Made goods, making our Upstate New York farmers competitive across our borders, and boosting our Upstate New York economy.
  • Supports Tax Increases for estimated 93 Trillion Dollar Green New Deal, and estimated $40 Trillion Dollar Medicare for All.
  • Voted Yes on “Heroes Act” calling for $3 Trillion Dollars in federal government spending (largest spending bill in US History); including $1.5 Trillion unearmarked federal aid to states like NY where Governor Cuomo can spend as he sees fit, National Bail Reform calling for the release of offenders over the age of 50, regardless of their offense, and increased mail in voting (14 democrats voted against). Sources: Tonko.House.Gov; ACLU, Fox News.
  • 0% Rating by National Federation of Independent Business; Source: NFIB.
  • 0% Rating by Citizens against Government Waste; Source: CAGW.

Liz Joy On Life

  • Pro-Life; Supports the protection of Life from the womb to the elderly including the disabled, the vulnerable, and those with mental health needs.
  • Supports the expansion of adoption opportunities and lowering excessive costs and removal of government “red tape” allowing increased adoption from non-profit and faith-based adoption agencies.
  • Supports Bi-Partisan Investigation to investigate the cause of the COVID deaths of 6,700 elderly men and women in New York Nursing Homes based on Governor Cuomo’s directive issued in March 2020 nursing homes were prohibited from turning away residents on the basis of a positive COVID-19 test.
  • Strongly Supports the Right to Try Act, allowing and expanding access to experimental medical treatment and trials when all other medical options have been exhausted. Liz believes everyone has the right to access potential life-saving measures for themselves and their loved ones.

Paul Tonko On Life

  • Voted No on Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act requiring doctors to perform life saving measures to infants born alive when they have a beating heart, voluntary muscle movement or pulsating umbilical cord.
  • Voted No on Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act prohibiting abortion 20 weeks or later when the child can feel pain.
  • Failed to comment or address nearly 6,700 deaths in New York State Nursing Homes pursuant to Governor Cuomo’s directive issued in March 2020 nursing homes were prohibited from turning away residents on the basis of a positive COVID-19 test.
  • Voted No on Right to Try, allowing and expanding access to experimental medical treatment and trials when all other medical options have been exhausted.

Liz Joy On Safety and Security/Law Enforcement

  • Supports our Law Enforcement & Rejects Calls to “Defund our Police”.
  • Supports increased funding for Law Enforcement for training, transparency, and resources to allow increased use of body cameras and an increase in the number of officers to protect the public and our law enforcement officers.
  • Supports the Protect and Serve Act of 2018 supporting the protection of law enforcement by making it a felony to knowingly assault a law enforcement officer.
  • Would Vote No on Justice in Policing Act calling for a Federal Registry of our Law Enforcement publishing every complaint made against an officer to the public, and calling for Department of Justice Federal Oversight of Local Law Enforcement.
  • Endorsed by New York State Troopers Police Benevolent Association.
  • Endorsed by New York State Police Investigators Association Local 4 AFL-CIO.
  • Endorsed by Albany Sheriff’s Union Local 775 for Congress.
  • Endorsed by Albany Police Officers Union.
  • Endorsed by Schenectady Police Benevolent Association.
  • Endorsed by New York State Law Enforcement Officer Union Council 82.
  • Endorsed by the entire New York State Police Conference, representing 25,000 Officers.
  • Endorsed by New York State Police Criminal Investigators Union.

Paul Tonko On Safety and Security/Law Enforcement

  • Not Endorsed by any known Law Enforcement Union in NY-20.
  • Referred to the lawful arrest officer’s arrest in Schenectady, New York a “brutal beating” before even consulting with the Schenectady Police for a full review of the facts.
  • Indicates Support for 2019 New York State Bail Reform Eliminating Cash Bail for so called “non-violent felony charges” including stalking, assault without serious injury, burglary, many drug offenses, and even some kinds of arson and robbery.
  • Supported Heroes Act Revision: Supported the removal of $600 Million from state and local law enforcement from previous versions of the bill supporting state and local enforced. Source: HouseAppropriations.Gov
  • Voted No on Protect and Serve Act of 2018 which amends the criminal code make it a crime to knowingly assault a law enforcement officer causing serious bodily injury.
  • Voted Yes on Justice in Policing Act of 2020 calling for the creation of a National Police Misconduct Registry publishing every complaint or disciplinary record or even termination records of any officer and lets the Department of Justice publish these records to the public, and creates standards evaluated only by the Federal Government as to whether force is reasonable and necessary for an officer or the public’s safety.

Liz Joy On Our Constitutional Freedoms

  • Believes our Constitution is the first and final line of defense against federal and state government overreach on our personal liberties.
  • Supports the protections of our Constitution and all Constitutional Amendments for all Americans regardless of color, creed, nationality, or gender.
  • Would Vote No on the expansion of the Supreme Court to include additional justices allowing for personal policy decisions to run roughshot over the Rule of Law.
  • Received an “A-q” rating from the NRA, as a first-time candidate. Liz believes the 2nd Amendment should not be infringed upon and will ensure this constitutional right is upheld.

Paul Tonko On Our Constitutional Freedoms

  • Supports increased Federal Regulation of the 2nd Amendment, and increased Federal Government intrusion into personal liberties.
  • Rated “F-“ by NRA of protections of Second Amendment rights.
  • Co-Sponsored “Cool Off Act” supporting a federal mandatory three day waiting period before being able to receive a handgun.
  • Co-Sponsored “Assault Weapons Ban” banning all semi-automatic rifles and pistols holding more than 10 rounds.
  • Co-Sponsored “Red Flag” Laws allow for the removal of firearms from a person “at risk” of harming themselves or others.

Liz Joy On Healthcare

  • Supports allowing NY-20 residents to have the right to choose healthcare insurance plans that are best for their families while protecting pre-existing conditions.
  • Opposes the $40 Trillion-dollar Medicare for All federal government takeover of our healthcare which Congressman Paul Tonko has fully endorsed.
  • Supports allowing patients to negotiate their healthcare insurance plans over state lines, taking on large Pharmaceutical Corporations to lower prescription drug costs, and increased ability of patients to have employer contributed Health Saving Accounts and access to increased Tele-Medicine such as “Concierge Medicine” to lower costs and bring quality care to the district.
  • Supports expanded coverage options including larger family health insurance plans which cover elderly parents and young adults where funds can be pooled.
  • Supported Right to Try Act, helping families have access every available option to save the life of their terminally ill loved one including access to investigational drugs, treatments and medical trials.
  • Supports the THRIVE ACT, authorizing housing vouchers to provide temporary transitional housing to individuals recovering from opioid drug addiction. This is traditional housing for those in recovery. It supports families, helping their loved ones through recovery and supports an individual’s pathway to successful recovery.

Paul Tonko On Healthcare

  • Fully Supports estimated $43 trillion-dollar Medicare for All calling for the elimination of private insurance putting tens of thousands of hospital workers and private insurance employees out of work and supporting increased taxes to fund such an effort creating lower quality of care and increased costs of healthcare coverage.
  • Voted Yes on Obamacare calling for “Individual Mandate” requiring every person to purchase health insurance or face a penalty regardless of age, need for care, or ability to pay.
  • Voted No on the Right Try Act, which granted an individual and their families the chance to seek medical options to treat a terminally ill diagnosis preventing them from having access to potential lifesaving options and treatments.
  • Voted No on THRIVE ACT, preventing individuals and their families from having access to temporary transitional housing and rental assistance during the recovery process from opioid addition.

Liz Joy On Our Environment

  • Supports the protection and funding of our National and State Parks allowing enjoyment of hiking, camping, fishing, and other recreational activities.
  • Supports regulation of our waterways, rivers, and ground water for clean water sources as well protections of the air we breathe against harmful pollution and toxic waste.
  • Supports increased DEC oversight, zoning restrictions, and nuisance law litigation to immediately close the Dunn Landfill causing pollution to the air our children in the neighboring schools are breathing in. Resulting in harmful pollution in Rensselaer, New York.

Paul Tonko On Our Environment

  • Silent on Dunn Landfill in Rensselaer, New York causing harmful pollution to bordering school.
  • Supports estimated 93 Trillion Dollar “Green New Deal” calling for complete regulation of U.S. Economy to completely eliminate our carbon footprint although being the lowest in the history of the United States at this time.

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